The inclusive tool that goes all the way around the talent recruitment process

Clear Talents
Human Resources
Launch date
October 2018
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Clear Talents is a tool that focuses on the recruitment process and zooms in each step, seeking success.
Their approach consists of looking at the recruitment process and continues with adjusting the workplace of the newly recruited talent.

Clear Talents at Work helps companies to offer the best conditions for their employees at the workplace. This service comes to help the individual improve the work time and perform at his best.


Clear Talents in Recruitment assures that companies search in the entire talent pool when hiring a new workforce. This targets especially the individuals with disabilities - a large part of the talent pool that is too often omitted.
Clear Talents also supports the existing talents via the Clear Talents on Demand. This service helps employees to better share their problems with their manager. Further on, it offers insights on how the two can work together towards solving the issues.