The EverLearner - a voice for a modern education

The Ever Learner Ltd.
Release date
February 2017
Graphic design
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Working with Erom has been a very strategical relationship where I have learned so much more about myself and my business.

James Simms / Director of The EverLearner

The EverLearner - Using technology to humanize every classroom

Behind this concept, there is a team of five people dedicated to changing the learning process and adapting it to the current times. A process that is also adapted to each individual possibilities to process the information. At the core of the concept stands the online education, where the teacher encourages the student to perform at his own rhythm. This way the student is able to follow up with his own results, manage the study process and adjust it as he feels is best.

First step of a much bigger picture, the “master plan”

As part of a bigger project - that is, reinventing education as we know it, replacing it with a more modern, mobile, self-paced experience - the voice given to this brand had to be friendly, clever, intuitive and fun at the same time. 


We used a stylized symbol for the learner, which hints towards an online avatar, rather than a real silhouette, as he lives in a digital era. 

The logo illustrates the profile of a learner that uses this new educational model - because the person is at the core of the learning process. 
He is always learning and he is the one in charge with it: the areas he needs to explore more, the means to do it and the amount of time needed to understand the information. 

Decomposing the final logo - the features behind it

The color palette contains bright and tonic colors - green and yellow. The dark violet used in combination with yellow or green helps in creating more contrast.  


Creating a profile for an ever learner

The image created for the Ever Learner brings together the traditional and the modern, the books and the computer. Each learner can choose what’s the best mean for himself or he can alternate when needed. This education model has technology as a ground base, but it's supported by many extra classic learning resources, such as the road-maps.

Project deliverables

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Brand manual


After creating the unitary image for The EverLearner, we teamed up for designing and implementing the online learning platform.