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February 2018
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Clear Assured - the concept

Clear Assured helps organisations identify and remove barriers from recruitment and talent management policy, process and practice which have the potential to exclude under-represented groups including disabled, BAME and LGBTQ candidates. 

Clear Assured is part of The Clear Company - recognised leaders in the provision of inclusive talent management services.

The Clear Company asked us to design and implement a platform for companies that wanted to become inclusive employers.  ​

Some of the main requirements of the platform were: different user levels, users and companies management area, progress tracking, as well as knowledge-based resources with search functionality.
The base ground of the Clear Assured tool is the principle of collaborative, ongoing work between the experts from Clear Assured and the inclusive-inspiring companies using the tool.

The platform was built to act as an online guide, as each company is supervised and helped by the team at clear assured. This mixture of digital resources and live consultancy enhances the journey of the companies in becoming inclusive recruiters. 


Once a company has decided which is the area that needs immediate actions, they mark it as a focus area and start learning about what can be done. Each checked step under a focus area brings the company closer to achieving the clear-assured status on it and can move to next focus area.

The application allows users to submit their work status so the team at clear assured can overview it and decide if it's completed or if it requires more time. The entire work files, submissions and conversations are stored in the app and can be seen at any time by the company admin.